Lipótmezei Psychiatric Hospital (other names include OIE OPNI Lipot Psychiatric Asylum, Hárshegy szanatórium, Lipótmezei elmegyógyintézet and Vadaskert and Outpatient Hospital) is on Huvösvölgyi út 116, 1021 Budapest, Hungary. The Lipótmezei Psychiatric Hospital was built in 1868 by architect Ludwig Zettl. The main building is very large with multiple wings andRead More →

abandoned castle in hungary

Schossberger Castle (Schossberger kastély) is off of Park Utca 35, the town of Tura, Pest County, Hungary. The manor Schossberger was constructed from 1873 until its completion in 1883. It was designed by the famous architect Miklós Ybl at the request of Baron Sigismund Schossberger. Once Baron Sigismund Schossberger wasRead More →