decay at the abandoned Aincourt sanatorium

Le sanatorium d’Aincourt is on 7 Rue des Acacias, in the commune of Aincourt, Val-d’Oise department of the Ile-de-France region of France. Aincourt Sanatorium was built by architects Edward Crevel and John Paul Decaux in the early 1930’s. The sanatorium, also dubbed ‘Home for the Cure’, was opened in 1933.Read More →

Private, calm and alone in a tunnel sits the shell and burned out remainder of a car. The remains are inside the desolately perched World War II Bunkers of Monte Moro. Alone it is residing in the mountain at the outskirts of Genoa, the capital city of Liguria. The MoroRead More →

Interior of devils farmhouse abandoned

Located near the coast of a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea is this abandoned farmhouse. The home is believed to have been a “Cavalerizza” or horse riding school and stable from before the 18th century. Styled in Vernacular architecture with slit windows, it is not designed in typicalRead More →

WWII abandoned bunkers

This bunker and these other shelters are on the Via Caseggi, near Corso Europa, in the city of Genova, coastal region of Liguria, Italy. The history of the bunker on Monte Moro is pretty small or just relatively unknown. It is pretty large and goes down into the mountain sides.Read More →