1st of May Abandoned Swimming Pool in Romania

The 1st of May swimming pool is on Aleea Carpati, the city of Tîrgu Mure (Târgu Mures), Mure County, Romania. The 1st of May swimming pool has been abandoned for over 5 years. Today, it is splattered with graffiti and a few skate ramps. Located next the Râul (River) MuresRead More →

Abandoned Pool in Europe the Domein Hofstade

The closed swimming pool and building can be found off of the road Ringlann at the Bloso-centrum Hofstade in the munisipality of Zemst, the province of Flemsih Brabant, Belgium. Domein Hofstade at the Bloso-centrum Hofstade is a recreational park that offers basketball courts, a lake, cycling paths, a soccer field,Read More →