The Haunted Abandoned House at Kosocicka 8

The abandoned house grounds and chapel built by brothers is located along Kosocicka 8 in Bieżanów-Prokocim, 32-020 Kraków, Poland. Many rumors are abound over the history of this unfinished villa. One of the biggest suggested stories is that two brothers were in the midst of building the home in theRead More →

Log Cabin Abandoned in Nottoway County

This log cabin is along the Patrick Henry Highway, in the town of Crewe, Nottoway County, Virginia. This little home is practically invisible with nature during the summer but very visible in the winter. The cabin is sporting thick wooden beams in an overlapping pattern. It has a small atticRead More →

Majestic ruins of the Abandoned Chateau de Bidache

Chateau de Bidache is along the 95 Allée de Gramont, the town of Bidache, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France. Along the Bidouze river lies the 13th century castle of Bidache. It was built by the lords of Gramont and is even owned by the Gramont family to this very day. The castleRead More →