In Honor of Cosmonautics Day – 5 Abandoned Places in Russia

Hitler's Failed Wonder Weapon and the Secret Falkenhagen Bunker

Cosmonautics day is in honor of Yuri Gagarin a 27 year old in 1961 who made the first manned space flight. Typically celebrated in Russia and other former USSR countries. With this military glory and commemorative date in Russia here are 6 abandoned places in the Mother Land.

Abandoned Muromtsevo Mansion in Russia
Khrapovitsky Castle

Number 1. Castle Estate of Khrapovitsky – It is situated on the former homestead that Vladimir Khrapovitsky inherited from his father which included the town of Muromtsevo. Construction began in 1884 and lasted until 1889, with additional wings designed in the continuing Gothic Revival style added in 1906. The entire Khrapovitsky Palace and Park covered over 40 hectares and includes over 70 buildings.

The Umbrella Corporation is Real - Abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital
The HZB hospital

Number 2. Khovrinskaya Hospital  or the HZB – Construction began in the early 1980’s but completion was never seen as work halted on the hospital in 1992. In 1985, plumbing was put through out the building, hospital equipment was installed and furniture put through out. The extent of this structure was 11 floors designed in a three-beam star.
Nativity Church

Number 3. The Church of the Nativity – Bright blue doors with the nativity scene pictured above it. History seems scarce. It is known that this structure is linked to the nearby Joseph Volokolamsk Monastery, however, the date of construction is not stated.

House of Soviets

Number 4. House of Soviets – Nick names such as “Monster” and “Revenge of the Prussians” are due to the dislike of the decades long view of the abandoned building. Many residents find the structure to be an eyesore. Such architecture like this, Brutalism, was favored for government projects around this time. Even a part béton brut, with the exposed concrete.

Satellite Locators of an Abandoned Space Control Center
Satellites of Golitsyno-2

Number 5. Golitsyno-2 Control Center – In the 1990’s, this location was very involved in the MIR space station. The first modular space station that was built in space from 1986 – 1996. It operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 – 2001.

These are 5 abandoned places offered in Russia. So may more lay in empty silent little towns or blatantly among bustling city spaces. Happy Cosmonauts Day!!

You can find more on Russia here. For photographer credit regarding each image please click on the corresponding article for complete details.

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