The Magically Ruined Rhiw’r Perrai Castle

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle

The Ruperra Castle (also known as Castle Gwent, Rhiw’r Perrai Castle and the Lord Tredegar Manor) is along an unnamed road, just on the outskirts of the Coed Craig Ruperra nature preserve, in the small suburb of Bassaleg, the city of Newport, Wales.

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle
Picturesque and overgrown with ivy creeping every upwards.

This massive estate was one of the very first ‘faux’ castles in Wales. Built at the behest of Sir Thomas Morgan in 1626. Morgan was the Steward to the Earl of Pembroke, a Major – General, 1st Baronet and soldier during the English Civil War. The Jacobean castle was designed with 4 towers at each corner, 3 stories tall, with 5 windows across each straight wall for every floor.

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle
The backside of the manor.

The castle passed through the Morgan family, who later became the Lords of Tredegar. Courtney Morgan inherited the lovely manor and used it to further his interest in hunting. He invested a lot of money on the home; adding new stables and a glass greenhouse (now in shambles) in the early 1900’s.

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle
A romantic looking view of centuries past.

In 1934, the Ministry of Defense took control of the sprawling estate of Ruperra Castle during the lead up to World War II. They used the grounds for training and its position offered a good view for watching the Bristol Chanel.

Fire destroyed and devastated the inside of the castle in 1941. Come 1956, the home was sold by the son of Frederick Morgan. The cost and upkeep of the dilapidated manor was too much to bear. The South East tower collapsed in 1981 (as seen in picture 1).

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle
Bright green grassland and some trees surround this magical looking abandonment.

It was purchased for over $1 Million Euros in 2014. The estate is now privately owned and fenced off. Public footpaths run nearby and close to the grounds, views of the spectacular ruin can be observed by these routes. The structural foundation has major cracks. Different re-purposing options have been proposed through its history but the repairs first needed would be very expensive. It is a Grade II Listed Building and Scheduled Ancient Monument of Wales.

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle
Thomas Morgan, the original owner of Ruperra Castle.

Where are the abandoned ruins of Ruperra Castle located? You can find it with these coordinates. 51.570300, -3.127200.

The Magically Ruined Rhiw'r Perrai Castle
Aerial view of Ruperra Castle ruins.

Images 1, 3 and 4 by Jeremy Bolwell. Licensed under CC. Image 2 by Nigel Davies. Licensed under CC. Image 5 by Phillip Halling. Licensed under CC. Image 6 of Thomas Morgan under Public Domain.

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