Double Feature – Abandoned Places in Edinburgh

Abandoned Places in Edinburgh

The double feature consists of two abandoned places in the same location or area. The first is the Western Harbour Lighthouse just off of Western Harbour drive, the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Abandoned Places in Edinburgh
A metal fence wraps around preventing trespassers.

Western Harbour is a growing little residential area. Set to be the size of a small city with up to 17,000 new homes upon completion. It is set to be finished in 2020, however it is unclear what is going to be done with the fenced off little ruinous lighthouse.

Just at the tip of Lighthouse Park when can view this graffiti forgotten building that no longer shines.

Where is the abandoned Western Harbor Lighthouse of Leith located? You can find it with these coordinates. 55.989105, -3.184810.

Abandoned Places in Edinburgh
Aerial view of the abandoned Edinburgh Lighthouse.

The Leith Gas Works

Abandoned Places in Edinburgh
Nature reclaims this old building.

The second abandoned place lays just north of Leith Links park and along Tower Street lays part of the Edinburgh and Leith gas works, address consists of 1 – 5 Baltic Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Abandoned Places in Edinburgh

Built sometime between 1840 and 1853 with cream sandstone and rubble with brick infill. The whole set of buildings that make up the Leith gas works are each 1, 2 and 3 storys. The windows are irregularly situated, broken and some boarded or bricked off.

Currently for sale, the buildings are beautifully overgrown with plants. Sundial Properties Limited are the ones deciding to redevelop the site. Unfortunately, this building pictured is part of their ones to be removed for new buildings.

The marked At Risk structure is labelled to be in poor Condition. A small ‘courtyard’ lays between the stone boundary wall and the gas works, now used as a storage area.

Where is part of the abandoned Leith Gas Works buildings of Edinburgh located? You can find it with these coordinates. 55.976356, -3.164877.

Abandoned Places in Edinburgh
Aerial view of potentially going to be demolished At Risk building in Scotland.

Image 1 by Andy A / Flickr. Licensed under CC. Image 2 by Richard Brunton / Flickr. Licensed under CC. Images 3 – 6 from Google Maps / Street View.

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