The Umbrella Corporation is Real – Abandoned Khovrinskaya Hospital

The Umbrella Corporation is Real - Abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital

The Khovrinskaya Hospital (also known as Ховринская заброшенная больница, Trёhluchevoy Hospitla, Hovrinskaya, HZB and the Umbrella) is at the corners of Klinskiy Proyezd and Klinskaya Ulitsa in Khovrinskaya Zabroshennaya Bol’nitsa, Moskva (Moscow), Russia.

Like a setting from a Resident Evil video game or movie this abandoned hospital is now unreal. Construction began in the early 1980’s but completion was never seen as work halted on the hospital in 1992.

In 1985, plumbing was put through out the building, hospital equipment was installed and furniture put through out.

The extent of this structure was 11 floors designed in a three-beam star. The three wings branched off at the ends and all met in the middle. The courtyards took place in-between the branches. It was built to hold 1300 patients.

The buildings along the outside were for the Pathological department. These extra buildings had no floors and were completely flooded.

The Umbrella Corporation is Real - Abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital
The big city of Moscow lights up everything but this forlorn hospital.

A small bit of woods surrounded this delicately forgotten structure. Styled in Brutalism architecture by 6 different architects, typical of that era. This thriving bit of marsh land led to the failure of this hospital. Due to the uneven foundation and boarding the long yet small river of Likhoborka; flooding began quickly in the basements.

In 2004, a property dispute occurred regarding the building. The city of Moscow set that it should be strengthened and that construction could resume. This never happened.

Come 2017, the basements were entirely flooded and ruined. This amazingly structured building was unfortunately demolished in October of 2018. Now the lot remains empty.

Suicides, murders, robberies and attacks all happened during the subsequent abandonment of this facility. Bad luck, mysteries, sadness and hauntings were all this hospital was ever able to provide. Instead of helping it all around took a toll on the city of Moscow and its residents. The cost to demolish HZB was at 919 million Russian Rubles (about 14 million USD).

By 2020, it is slated to turn the area into a micro district residential area with some businesses as well

The origin of the older ‘Evil’ in the post-apocalyptic novel Kreml 2222. Khovrin by Dmitri Sillov comes from the Khovrinskaya Hospital. “Khovrino. A blog from hell.” was a mockumentary filmed here. Unfortunately, there was no readily available link to this movie anywhere.

The Umbrella Corporation is Real - Abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital

Where was this awesome architecturally creative abandoned hospital located? You can find the former grounds with these coordinates. 55.868003, 37.502132.

The Umbrella Corporation is Real - Abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital

Photograph 1 by A. Savin / Wikimedia Commons. Photographs 2 and 3 by Artem Svetlov/Flickr. Licensed under CC.

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