5 Abandoned Schools for Presidents’ Day

5 abandoned schools for presidents' day

All across the United States lays many abandoned, forgotten and unwanted properties. In particular today, the focus will be on schools, where many of the youth first learn about the Founding Fathers. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are the general focus on Presidents’ Day but it also is set to honor all former presidents of the United States.

The Ladd School (Rhode Island School for the Feeble-Minded)

Number 5. The Ladd School of Rhode Island was also known as the Exeter School. It began in the early 1900’s as a school for people with disabilities. To help peoples gain life abilities like farm work or mechanical trades. Come the mid 1950’s, an older patient in their twenties was implicated in the murder of a child resident who had severe disabilities. Things never recovered for this school after that and in 1993 the school was closed.

abandoned historic texas school
Mosheim School in Mosheim, Texas.

Number 4. The Mosheim School of Texas. This abandoned school practically lies in ruins and complete decay. With architecture styling similar to the Alamo this school was built between 1910 – 1940 and closed in 1976. The population of the town decreased so much that the post office even closed.

Public School in Bedford.

Number 3. Bedford High School, the Public School of 1912. This school is pretty noticeable in its small rural Virginia community. The light structures outside the school were put up by the class of 1941. Whispers and rumors that the school closed after a janitor hung themselves inside. It is slated to be renovated for other uses but has been vacant completely for over a decade.

The empty rows of Public School No. 186.

Number 2. The Harlem Public School No. 186. Rows of seating still remained in the auditorium of this desolate and abandoned school. Rising 5 stories up in Manhattan it was built in 1902. Educating children from grades K – 12, it was crumbling and decaying. UPDATE : Since the original article was first published in 2013, the public school was renovated into housing!

Abandoned Belchertown State School for the Feeble-Minded Inhumane
The extreme decay of Belchertown School.

Number 1. Belchertown State School of Massachusetts. Opening in 1922 it was set to help disabled children. By 1926, 743 disabled children lived here. Overcrowded by 1945, allegations began forming of horrendous abuse including : teeth removal for easier feeding, rodent infestations, overall neglect of patient care and sexual abuse. In 1972, the institute began to lose credibility and by 1992 the school was shut down.

That is our take on just a few of the many abandoned schools of the United States.

If you know of any other abandoned schools, please comment below and share your thoughts!

Bonus. Featured image is from Phelps Road School in Madison Heights, Virginia.

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