14 Romantically Abandoned and Beautiful Places

The Abandoned Penn Hills Resort in the Pocono Mountains

Although it might not seem ideal, many people can find the glorious aspect in decay. Below we will feature 14 places that are beautiful, romantic and ideal for a different sort of date or adventure.

Non Plus Ultra - The Fairy Tale Castle - Abandoned Castle Sammezzano - in Italy
Non Plus Ultra – Castle Sammezzano

Number 14. Embarking out on this journey takes you to the Fairy Tale Castle Non Plus Ultra in Italy. Built in 1853, it housed the King of Italy, Umberto I in 1878. It was abandoned in 1999. The interior displays bright, vibrant and vivid colors and intense interior design. Truly a beauty that would delight the heart of anyone male or female, young or old.

The Queen of Ruins - 90 Year Old Abandoned Maya Hotel
Queen of Ruins – Hotel Maya

Number 13. Setting out to this destination begins in Japan, hosting The Queen of Ruins. Perched on the side of Mountain Maya lays this dilapidated structure. Beautiful and lush sweeping views of Kobe city can be seen from this forgotten hotel.

Pueblo Viejo Belchite - Old Town Belchite - Abandoned Ghost Town in Spain
The amazing old town of Belchite

Number 12. The ghost town of Pueblo Viejo Belchite has immaculate architecture. It’s mystic and glorious presence has garnered recognition in a few films. This includes the international hit ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. Beautiful, refined and detailed; this ghost town makes a romantic getaway.

Castle abandoned and forgotten in germany
Schloß Rapunzel – The Abandoned Castle Reinhardsbrunn

Number 11. Schloß Rapunzel is a castle style manor built on the former grounds of a monastery. It was built around 1826 and abandoned some time in the 1990’s. This is a gem of fine detail in the heart of Germany.

Abandoned Film Setting of the Town Spectre From the Movie 'Big Fish'
The Town of Spectre

Number 10. This little road trip ends in Alabama and hidden in a little wooded plot. The Town of Spectre is a film setting from the movie ‘Big Fish’. Admission to the site is $3!

Wuchang Temple Made Ruins and Abandoned 19 Years Ago
Wuchang Temple ruins.

Number 9. Wuchang Temple, a gorgeously colored and brightly decorated temple ruin in Taiwan. This lovely temple became derelict after the devastating 921 earthquake in 1999. A quake of destruction that altered the lives of many left behind this partially collapsed temple for all to remember.

Abandoned in Chambourcy - The French Garden Ruins of 'Desert de Retz'

French Garden Ruins of ‘Desert de Retz’

Number 8. This garden in Chambourcy, France, was designed and built around 1780’s. The French Garden Ruins of ‘Desert de Retz’ belonged to an aristocrat. In 1941, it was classified as a National Heritage Site of France. This garden is outstandingly glorious and serene, offering different and unique structures.

The Pacific Starlight - Abandoned Dinner Trains
Starlight Cafe Trains

Number 7. The Pacific Starlight Dinner Trains are a little unnoticed bit of train on the way side of Canon City, Colorado. Many trains like this were refurbished but others were long forgotten due to being filled with asbestos. These particular ones were last actively running in Canada!

abandoned Ghost Town of Italy in Craco
Comune di Craco

Number 6. Craco is an abandoned village purposefully placed on a cliff side of the Cavone River Valley. The history is rich and its roots go deep dating all the way back to 540 AD. Craco was left alone and uninhabited in 1963 after landslides, earthquakes and shifting.

The Abandoned Chateau Clochard - Now Only Ruins After a Fire in 2012
Chateau Clochard

Number 5. The ruins of Chateau Clochard by the La Somme River. Rebuilt in the 1800’s after a fire took the former castle in 1683. Unfortunately, it was caught by fate in a fire again in 2012.

The Ancient Greek Temple Ruins of Eréchtheio
Greek Ruins of Erechtheum

Number 4. These ancient ruins have the infamous Caryatid ladies. 6 maidens who idly overlook Athens. An enchanting area and ruin of the temple of Erechtheum part of the ancient Citadel Acropolis in Greece.

The Sheffield General Cemetery Abandoned and Not For Use Since 1978
Sheffield Cemetery

Number 3. Looking for a quiet, peaceful chance to reflect and ponder life with ones self or a loved one? Try the grounds of the Sheffield Cemetery in England. It is a Grade II listed Landscape. The cemetery was left without tending from 1980 – 2003. Still overgrown yet maintained, it offers a a different sort of pleasant getaway.

nature reclaiming abandoned home
Baron Hill Estate

Number 2. The remnants of the the beautiful Baron Hill Estate in Wales. Built in 1618 and destroyed during World War II. What remains becomes as green as the nature around it. Overgrown and serene. It ranks high on a little slip away to a time before.

The Abandoned Penn Hills Resort in the Pocono Mountains
Penn Hills Resort

Number 1. Of course our number 1 destination for a romantic getaway involves the Penn Hills Resort in the Pocono Mountains! Heart shaped bath tubs, murals of Aladdin and bars / lounges in the shapes of more hearts. Decaying, abandoned and a bit corny these love hotels top the charts in 1970’s romance. Of course the featured image is from this same hotel.

Whether looking to go on an adventure or your own or with someone these places will not disappoint. A romantic getaway or even just a picturesque internet browse will leave you elated. Leave a comment below of your favorite place!

Thank you so much for looking through our list of 14 romantic places that are derelict, abandoned and delicious.

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