What the Fox? – 4 Abandoned Buildings

abandoned fox places

Abandoned Fox Related Buildings

abandoned fox places

Along 395 and just below Fox, Oregon. Peacefully along the road south of Fox Creek you can find a whole intersection of abandoned little things. Three small homes, a barn, a shed and maybe more. Fox lost its zip code in 2002. Was the abandonment before or after?

Artist Morris Graves is from this town, more HERE.

Abandoned home at Fox, Oregon image by swainboat. Find it with these coordinates 44.619392, -119.148654.

“Red Fox Inn”

Private property located in New Jersey. A little building with big surprises. Almost seeming ready to reopen except complete havoc has been through. Dishes remain on shelves and so do stacks of toilet paper. This former restaurant / lounge bar has not been in use thick layers of dust and mildew fill the air.

abandoned fox places

The Red Fox Inn image from Justin Gurbisz. You can find this abandoned establishment in New Jersey. The basement has gone through some flooding as well.

It has been abandoned for at least 15 years.

“La Fox Home”

abandoned fox places

Along the dusty La Fox Road in Illinois you can pass this tiny abandoned home. Boards go vertical almost from ground to rood to cover the windows. Every bit of this tiny home on the wayside of a small unincorporated community near the Great Lakes is covered from entry.

abandoned fox places

When could this home have been built and does it have a future?

Images from Google Street View.

“Derelict Pub”

abandoned fox places

The Fox & Grapes Pub is located in Bordesley City, Birmingham, United Kingdom. This tavern has been in a derelict state for some time. It currently awaits demolition. The roof has been missing for some time. The extent of decay may be a lot.

Fox and Grapes taken by RPM

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