Forgotten Springburn Halls Abandoned in Scotland

Forgotten Springburn Halls Abandoned in Scotland

Forgotten and abandoned in Scotland since the 1980’s because of decay. The Halls were a gift to the people of Springburn by Sir Hugh Reid. William B White was the architect for the building. Lastly, the incredible statues and sculptures by James M Sherriff.

Built in 1899 out of red sandstone ashler and stylized in an Italian Renaissance style. Furthermore, the glorious hues and colors of this building were due to hematite (iron oxides) residing in the make up of these bricks bits of clastic sedimentary rock.

Forgotten Springburn Halls Abandoned in Scotland

A different place for public gatherings was preferred by the people of Glasgow because this building was so small. The building took a lot of money to up keep and have running. Later, it was used as a sports centre.

“Let Glasgow Flourish”

Opened in 1902 with the inscription “Let Glasgow Flourish”. Represented to this day on Glasgow’s coat of arms it is from Saint Mungo and the Four Miracles. “Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of His word and the praising of His name” is the full motto.

Forgotten Springburn Halls Abandoned in Scotland

The Glasgow District Council closed this establishment in May of 1985 due to dry rot problem. The Springburn Halls had several renovation proposals including an office and childcare center. Consequently, extensive labor costs derailed these renovations caused the building to remain cast aside.

After its abandonment moss, small trees and all sorts of growing things took over. With windows missing on the top floor birds made homes inside and out. Nature began reclaiming this vacant building in a growing urbanizing area.

Finally, the demolition of this building occurred in 2012; the sandstone turned to rubble. You can find the empty lot at 46 Keppochhill Road, Glasgow, Scotland.

You can find this spot with these coordinates. 55.880115, -4.235042

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Michelle O’Connell/Flickr used under CC license.

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