Walnut Ridge the Abandoned Home Built in 1901

Walnut Ridge the Abandoned Home Built in 1901

The home Walnut Ridge in on the 100 block of N St. Joesph Street and the 300 block of St Michael Street, with the edge of the property meeting at the intersection of the 2 roads in the city of Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas.

Walnut Ridge was built in 1901 by architect James Riely Gordon. The home was built for James Frances Miller. Francis Miller purchased the land that the future home, Walnut Ridge, would occupy in 1868, though construction did not begin for 30 years. Francis Miller died less than a year after the home was completed. His wife lived here afterwards and the home began to be unused as the turn of the century rounded. It now lies abandoned and neglected, though the foundation is structurally firm and the house is in good salvageable condition. This home can be saved, for now.

Where is Walnut Ridge, the historic and abandoned home located? You can find it with these coordinates. 29.497938,-97.451724

Walnut Ridge the Abandoned Home Built in 1901

Image 1 used and licensed under CC BY NC 2.0. Image 1 by David Ingram / Flickr / dingatx.

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