The Abandoned Colliery Hasard Cheratte in Belgium

The Abandoned Colliery Hasard Cheratte in Belgium

Charbonnage du Hasard de Cheratte (the Colliery Hasard Cheratte) is on Rue de Visé at the 70 block, in the city of Visé, in the Walloon area of the province of Liége, Belgium.

The Charbonnage du Hasard de Cheratte was the lead colliery of 4 mine shafts that made up the Société anonyme Charbonnage du Hasard de Cherattet (a mine and small town of 250 houses, hotel and lead residence that housed the director of Cheratte and an infirmary).

The first well to extract coal was installed in 1850. 27 years into the project it was abandoned when an accident occurs at Charbonnage Cheratte. René Henry revives the coal mine in 1905 by re drilling the first well. Afterwards, more powerful machinery and equipment were made to harvest coal in areas that had greater wealth of the substance. More towers and head frames were built at the mine over the coming years. In 1930, Colliery Cheratte was at the prime of its business employing 1,500 workers.

The Abandoned Colliery Hasard Cheratte in Belgium

The 3 towers of the coal wells are all designed in a different architectural style since they were each built in a new time.

The Charbonnage closed in 1977 and had its wells filled with concrete. A Flemish real estate developer, Armand Lowie buys and begins to dismantle the structures to scrap. Different decrees were issued in 1978, 1982, 1992 and 1997 to protect the site.

As of today, coal well 4 is maintained and in good condition, well 2 was demolished along with adjacent buildings and wells 1 and 3 lie in ruins and abandonment. During this 2014 autumn season work will begin for the first phase of a rehabilitation process which details demolishing buildings that were not protected and conducting soil remediation . It is stated that this work will take a few years to complete.

Where are the abandoned ruins of the Charbonnage du Hasard de Cheratte located? You can find it with these coordinates. 50.68129,5.669895

The Abandoned Colliery Hasard Cheratte in Belgium

Image 2 was used under public domain from Frenost / wikimedia.

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