The Chocolate Works! An Abandoned Chocolate Factory

Terry’s Chocolate Works is off of Bishopthorpe Road, next to the River Ouse, of Yorkshire, England.

Terry York Chocolate factory abandoned

This chocolate and confectionery factory was owned by a company called, Terry’s. The history of the company dates as early as 1767 named ‘Robert Berry’, a small time cough lozenge, candied peels and other small sweets shop. In 1823, Joseph Terry married Harriet Atkinson whose uncle was Robert Berry. Joseph Terry joined Robert Berry’s confectionery business and at the death of Robert Berry in 1925 took over with Berry’s son George. It was renamed Terry and Berry. In 1828, George left the business and it was renamed Terry’s of York. It was used as a shadow factory during World War II. The company was sold to Kraft Foods in 1991. Kraft Foods split in 2010 and Terry’s became apart of Mondelez International.

The building seen here is, Terry’s Confectionery Works, which began in 1923 and was opened in 1926. This factory was shut down in 2005 when the manufacturing for the chocolate was moved to other sites outside of England.

Terry’s still produces fine chocolate products like Terry’s All Gold Milk Chocolates and Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Some marketing slogans were ‘Tap it and unwrap it’, ‘It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine’ and ‘Whack and Unwrap’. There is a 1980s Chocolate Orange Advertisement on YouTube. The Chocolate Orange gets a heavy amount of marketing around Christmas time for its 20 segments of milk chocolate slices that have real orange oil mixed into them. The cult action of opening the orange consists of whacking it on a hard surface to get the pieces of chocolate to separate from each other. In 1954, the Chocolate Apple was discontinued because of the post World War II rationing of raw cocoa.

Asbestos was removed from the building in 2011 and a few buildings that did not make historic scheduling were demolished. The next phase of development is set to occur in 2015.

Abandoned Chocolate works

Terry York Chocolate factory abandoned

Terry York Chocolate factory abandoned

Terry York Chocolate factory abandoned

Terry York Chocolate factory abandoned

Where is Terry’s Chocolate factory located? You can find it with these coordinates. 53.941036,-1.089927

street view of abandoned chocolate factory

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