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Black Hills Ordnance Army Depot – BHOD – Abandoned Munitions Sheds

Black Hills Ordnance Depot (BHOD or Black Hills Army Depot, BHAD) is located in Edgemont City, Fall River County, South Dakota.

abandoned ammunition depot

The Black Hills Ordnance Depot was operated by the Ordnance Corps of the United States Army. It was established and built in 1942 to help meet the Army’s increased ordnance needs caused by the Second World War. It was used as a maintenance facility, a munitions storage, and also held Italian Prisoners of War during World War II. BHOD also was used for testing and storage of chemical weapons like sarin and mustard gas. The remoteness of the BHOD meant that nearly all the facility’s civilian workforce lived in federally owned housing here; the community was known as Igloo. The residential area included public schools, hospital, church, a theater, shopping, and entertainment, a swimming pool, post office, and a recreational center. Employment at The Black Hills varied, during peacetime in the 1950’s it had about 700 workers, with the Igloo community population being around 1,800 people.

Black Hills Ordnance Depot was renamed “Black Hills Army Depot” (BHAD) in 1962.

Tom Brokaw, the American television journalist, lived at this military base when he was a boy.

The Black Hills Ordnance Depot was closed on June 30, 1967, and abandoned. Igloo, the residential area, was also abandoned. Afterwards most of the housing units were moved to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Now-a-days the entire depot is owned privately and off limits to then general public, this is why it is very hard to get pictures of what the storage facilities look like.

Where is the abandoned Black Hills Ordnance Depot (BHOD or Igloss) located? You can find it with these coordinates. 43.171257,-103.93071. Google Maps view then Bing Maps view, respectively. The place is very off limits. For any Fallout fans, this is obviously where the Brotherhood of Steel lives.

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