abandoned power plant nola

Abandoned New Orleans Public Service Incorporated Power Plant

The New Orleans Public Service Incorporated power plant (also known as NOPSI, Market Street Power Plant and New Orleans Public Service Power Plant) can be found on 1625 South Peters street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

abandoned power plant in New Orleans

The Market Street Power Plant began in 1905. The plant was later shut down in 1973. It supplied power to the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Entergy New Orleans sold the NOLA Public Service Incorporated Power Plant and property in 2007 to Market Street Properties for 10 million dollars. Residential development is planned with corresponding ideas from the Riverfront Vision Plan of 2005 to open it for public use. Though many ideas since the 1970’s have come to pass as what should be done with the property many of these due to lack of overall funding and economic concerns have not happened. The property sits mostly vacant without visitors slowly deteriorating next to the water. Hurricane Katrina also damaged much of the property during the flooding in 2005 but it was already vacant at that time. It is unknown whether demolition plans or renovation plans are under way, if any at all.

Images used under Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic, images were under this license November 29th, 2013. A thanks to Cody Allison for use of his images and the tip on the power plant. [Flickr/thewanderinggod].

Substation abandoned in the US

abandoned power plant sub station united states

New Orleans abandoned power plant

inside power plant abandoned in Louisiana

Where is the abandoned and defunct New Orleans Public Service Power Plant located? You can find it with these coordinates. 29.930314,-90.06436

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