Southwood Hospital Abandoned in Norfolk Since 2003

abandoned Caritas Southwood Hospital began in 1920

The Caritas Southwood Hospital (formerly the Pondville State Hospital) is on 111 Dedham Street in Norfolk, Massachusetts.

needles left at abandoned hospital

The now abandoned Caritas Southwood Hospital began in 1920 with the name Pondville State Hospital. It was a cancer treatment hospital and offered many services. It was part of the Caritas Christi Health Care System, who built a more modern complex in Foxboro and eventually shut the Southwood Hospital down. After its closure in 2003, ideas have surfaced for multiple different redevelopment plans but for environmental concerns, none have come through.

In 2008, the site went up for auction with an opening bid of $10 million which was dropped to $1 million and ended at $2 million. Caritas Christi declined the final bid for the property, as it had formerly been appraised at $5 million. It would be worth a estimated $10 million if the property was not contaminated. The landfill on the site contains large amounts of hazardous waste involving discarded cancer medicines.

The police were called to investigate a situation of illegal dumping on the site in August of 2013. The 2 officers then complained of a metallic taste in their mouths and were believed to have been contaminated by an unknown substance at the facility. The officers were exposed to an inhalation irritant. After the investigation it was confirmed that their were multiple 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails inside a maintenance building at the rear of the facility, believed to be full of hazardous material. Later, during the investigation of the situation a technician fell down into an uncovered manhole and was treated for a leg injury. The hazardous materials were reported to have been cleaned up by the contractors, Clean Harbours.

As of 2014, the derelict Southwood Hospital remains with only a few of the former buildings having been demolished, after its closure.

bio hazard bin at abandoned hospital

Pondville abandoned hospital

dilapidated abandoned Caritas Hospital

inside of forgotten fully equipped abandoned hospital

outside of abandoned southwood hospital

surgery lights at abandoned hospital

welcome notice at abandoned norfolk hospital

computers and more left at Caritas Southwood abandoned hospital

Where is the abandoned and deteriorating Caritas Southwood Hospital located? You can find it with these coordinates. 42.096686,-71.288754.

aerial of abandoned southwood hospital

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