Tower of abandoned ivy covered Rapunzel Castle

Schloß Rapunzel – The Abandoned Castle Reinhardsbrunn in the Heart of Germany

Schloß Rapunzel is the Castle Reinhardsbrunn (also known as Chateau Rapunzel and Schloss Rapunzel) and can be found on Reinhardsbrunn (L1026), in the town of Friedrichroda, the district of Gotha, in the Thüringer Wald of the state of Thüringer, Germany.

Fairytale Castle Abandoned Castle Reinhardsbrunn in the Heart of Germany

Castle Reinhardsbrunn was built was on the ruins of the original monastery that was built and established around 1085. The monastery survived for many years even with the decline of the Ludowinger Dynasty in the 13th Century and a fire that occurred to the monastery in 1292. It served as the burial grounds for the Ludowinger Dynasty and the Wettin Dynasty that came afterwards.

During the Peasant’s War of 1525, the monastery was looted and destroyed. The monks fled to Gotha and buildings fell into disrepair over the next few decades.

During the 17th and 18th Century the brother of Duke Friedrich Wilhelm I of Weimar, Johann III, planned reconstruction of Reinhardsbrunn. Buildings and other structures were added using the remains of the former monastery. More was added under Duke Frederick II of Gotha. The ‘High House’, the main part of Castle Reinhardsbrunn was added in 1826 and completed in 1827 by Duke Ernst I of Coburg and Gotha. The intention was for it to be a summer palace. In 1850, the landscaped castle park was added.

In 1953, the state of Thüringer took over the property and used it to train police and firefighters. In 1953, the castle became a hotel. This continued into the 1990’s but sometime after this it was sold and supposed to be developed into a 5 star hotel. This project has been halted and abandoned.

As 2014, their of tours of the Schlosspark but entry is not allowed. Many, many pictures are online of the interior of Castle Reinhardsbrunn, apparently there is a tiny hole in the rear of the castle that has been used for unauthorized entry.

Castle abandoned and forgotten in germany

derelict castle red archway double door

abandoned German castle

Where is the abandoned Schloss Rapunzel / Castle Reinhardsbrunn located? You can find it with these coordinates. 50.866418,10.557416.

aerial of abandoned Rapunzel Castle Fairytale

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