Rogue Elk Hotel Historic Property 99 Years Old – Abandoned, Vacant but Now For Sale

rogue elk abandoned hotel for sale

The Rogue Elk Hotel can be found at 27143 Crater Lake Highway, in Trail, Oregon.

beautiful fixtures at abandoned hotel

The Rogue Elk Hotel began in 1914. It was designed by architect Charles Power but built by the original owner W. G. McDonald and his brothers. The design is Colonial Revival Style with a mix of Western Stick Style. It is named after the elk creek which flows nearby. The building itself has 10 rooms and 2 bathrooms and furniture that was originally handcrafted by McDonald. It has 2 lovely stone fireplaces made with nearby rock. McDonald sold the hotel in the 1950’s suffering from financial struggle. Over the years there have been many a buyer looking to renovate and restore this hotel. The most recent owners came the closest but recently the Rogue Elk hotel has been put up for sale again. You can own this and the surrounding property including the personal property of McDonald and the Elk Cafe for a bit over 500,000 dollars. The most recent renovations have including remolding and fixing the interiors and exteriors as well as polishing up some old appliances.

In 1980 it was put on the National Register of Historic Places. During the reign of the Rogue Elk Hotel, it played host to President Herbert Hoover, actor Clark Gable and writer Zane Grey.

fireplace inside abandoned hotel

Where is the vacant / abandoned historic Rogue Elk Hotel located? You can find it with these coordinates. 42.66249,-122.758131.

rogue elk hotel for sale abandoned property

Photographs used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial 2.0 Generic, images were under this license December 4th, 2013. Photos by Jonathan Haeber. [Flickr/Tunnelbug].

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