Abandoned Black Friday Sales

Abandoned Black Friday Sales – The ‘Toy Loft’ Store, Arcade, Golf Course and Laser Tag Arena

Abandoned Places – The ‘Toy Loft’ Store, Arcade, Golf Course, Laser Tag Arena and textile mill can be found on 42 Maple Street, in the borough of Danielson, the town of Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut.

abandoned black friday sales

Abandoned since around 2009, this Toy Loft has it all. It is located in an old factory and had a Tiki Golf miniature golf course, an Iron Works gym, a wiffle ball court, sword fighting school, laser tag arena and not to mention the arcade games and a hobbies and toys shop. It even still has some of the vintage toys on the shelves.

Update: The building that it is located in is the former P & A Mill Complex (Powdrell & Alexander). It was closed after the town declared the complex a threat to public safety and it was cited for several fire and safety violations. The businesses that took up residence in the P & A Mill were The Academy of Knightly Arts, Jani-Tech Offices, Ironworks Gym, Tiki Golf, Zone Laser Tag Family Fun Center, Delta Rubber Offices, the infamous ‘Toy Loft’ and Danielson Aviation. You can see that Here.

The former manager or owner of the arcade area was named Paul. He would leave notes threatening the kids who were breaking his arcade machines that they would have to pay for damages if he caught them.

From Maple Street you can see where it says in pink letters Toy Loft on the outside of the entrance door as well as a satellite dish. I would take this to mean the place isn’t very old. Urban explorers claim the place is very water logged with lots of water damage.

Abandoned Black Friday Sales

Forgotten Toy Store Abandoned Christmas

Lost and forgotten Christmas Toys abandoned

Door to children's abandoned store

skeeball abandoned arcade

doorway abandoned in toy store

stairwell in abandoned children's store

Where is the abandoned Toy Loft Hobbies and Toys Shop located? You can find it with these coordinates. 41.803514,-71.887083.

aerial of abandoned toy store

All images used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial 2.0 Generic, images were under this license November 29th, 2013. Images by Jonathan Haeber. You can view the whole Flickr set HERE. [Flickr/Tunnelbug]

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