derelict and forgotten abandoned air force tracking station

Vandenberg Tracking Station Dome Abandoned in Santa Barbara County

The Vandenberg Tracking Station is on the outskirts of the Vandenberg Air Force Base on Lee Road, the city of Lompoc in Santa Barbara County, California.

Abandoned Vandenburg Tracking Domes in California

The old Vandenberg Tracking Station has been abandoned since the the early 2000’s. It is part of the Vandenberg Air Force Base that is part of the Department of Defense space and missile testing programs. It was used to support satellite launches and tracked missiles. This station began around the 1950’s. A new tracking station was built in 2008 that replaced the associated electronics that are becoming outdated.

The history on this particular station is scarce, if you know anything about the Vandenberg Tracking Station leave a comment.

Military air force abandoned tracking station

Where is the abandoned Vandenberg Tracking Station located? You can find it with these coordinates. 34.789772,-120.50431.

Decaying forgotten tracking vandenburg station

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