Colin’s Barn – The Whimsical Abandoned Hay Barn Built By Hand

abandoned whimsical mystery house

Colin’s Barn (also known as the ‘Hobbit House’ and Colin’s Barn Folly) is off a dirt road that connects to Crudwell Lane, below Chedglow in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England.

abandoned hobbit house colins barn

Nestled and left to nature in the Cotswold of Wiltshire is the design of an initial hay barn by Colin Stokes. Colin Stokes raised sheep on his farm near Chedglow starting in the 1980’s and sometime after he decided to build a place to store hay and other things. In 1989 his project of a rectangular and normal storage area began but once he started he couldn’t stop. While establishing this 11 year project, Colin Stokes built the creation using dry stone walling techniques, complete with turrets, dovecots and original hand painted stained glass windows.

Colin Stokes, who now lives in Scotland, did not draw plans for the building and built it from stones he gathered off his property bit by bit. The section with all the stained glass was named ‘The Hermitage’ and Colin Stokes would sleep in the building during lambing season. In 2000, he sold the property because of the nearby quarry that opened.

As of 2014, Colin’s Barn is becoming more and more covered by nature.

the lawn of the abandoned folly in England

Where is the abandoned Colin’s Barn, ‘Hobbit House’, Colin’s Barn Folly located? You can find it with these coordinates. 51.632973,-2.090357.

aerial of abandoned Colin's barn

Images used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Generic, images were under this license January 19th, 2014. All images by True British Metal [Flickr/truebritishmetal].

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