The Palazzo Giulini – Ruins of Villa Giulini in Sorico

The Palace of Giulini is of off Via Vittorio Emanuele, 44, in the comune of Sorico, the Province of Como, Lombardy Region, Italy.

The Palazzo Giulini was built around the 1720’s and was designed in a Baroque style architecture. It was built for the Count Giovanni Giulini and used as a winter home because in the summer the nearby marshes of Pian di Spagna fed the growth of mosquitoes which spread malaria. When the residence was built the front of the home lay open to Lake Como, it had 4 floors and gardens. The interior still has some preserved motifs, some more deteriorated than others, but one that depicts the God Apollo sitting on a cloud of leaves and carrying the sun across the sky.

Much of the Villa Giulini lies in ruin because in 1755 the nearby river flooded and destroyed some of the home. It even covered the entire garden in 3 feet of alluvium overnight. At this Count Giulini left the residence and took up elsewhere, in Gravesend, leaving the villa behind. It was thereafter used as a barn and warehouse for some time with it then being robbed of its many decorations, paintings, furniture and even doors that were left behind.

In 1800, the land and was put up for auction and has passed from several different owners of the years. It continued to advance in decay over time and as of 2014, shows serious dilapidation and struggles to be preserved.

Where are the ruins of Villa Giulini located? You can find it with these coordinates. 46.173102,9.377362.

Images under Public Domain.

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