The Abandoned Outlaw Gas Station

The ruins of the Outlaw Gas Station are on Old US Highway 67 in the city of Glen Rose, the county of Somervell, Texas.

In 1928, Ed Young opened this gas station on the side of route 67 at the corner of the now named, Outlaw Station road. During the United States prohibition against alcohol in the 1920’s, this gas station served as a one of the Moonshine Capitol’s of Texas. The selling and making of moonshine here became a large and profitable business.

Sometime in history this place became abandoned and slowly has fallen into decay. All that remains now are the facade walls of this once thumping establishment. It is located next to the ‘White Rock’ Roadhouse, which is also abandoned!

Where are the Outlaw Gas Station ruins located? You can find it with these coordinates. 32.247407,-97.730167

Images 1 through 8 used and licensed under CC BY 2.0. Images 1 through 8 by Nicolas Henderson (TexasExplorer98) / Flickr / texasbackroads.

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