Lipótmezei Mental Hospital Abandoned in Budapest – With a Chapel Like No Other

Lipótmezei Psychiatric Hospital (other names include OIE OPNI Lipot Psychiatric Asylum, Hárshegy szanatórium, Lipótmezei elmegyógyintézet and Vadaskert and Outpatient Hospital) is on Huvösvölgyi út 116, 1021 Budapest, Hungary.

The Lipótmezei Psychiatric Hospital was built in 1868 by architect Ludwig Zettl. The main building is very large with multiple wings and there are several outbuildings. It became the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology and was officially abolished in 2007.

It is said that the location was used as a soviet military hospital at one point but the source of this is not proven.

The Lipótmezei mental hospital is not fully abandoned as some parts of the buildings and grounds are in use by the current Vadaskert Kórház és Szakambulancia. They offer psychiatric care to children and adults and were established in 1989 and operating since 1993.

The Chapel of Lipótmezei Psychiatric Hospital is the most sought after location with a spectacular religious motif.

If you know any further information on the Lipótmezei Hospital, such as the past history or future plans for the site, please e-mail or leave a comment below.

Where is the abandoned OPNI Psychitatric Hospital located? You can find it with these coordinates. 47.531864,18.973394.

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