Abandoned Bus 142 the Magic Bus of Chris McCandless

Bus 142 is on Stampede Trail next to the Sushana River in the borough seat of Healy, the Denali Borough in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Hiking in more remote areas can be a peaceful process but hiking to Bus 142 and trying to stay awhile is still dangerous to this day.

The 1946 K-5 International Harvester Company Fairbanks City Transit System Bus 142 is stationed at a clearing along the Stampede Trail. It was originally used in 1961 by a construction company to transport crew around the Denali National Park area. Once the bus had broken down it was towed but during towing the axle broke. The bus was left where it remains and it has since been used as a shelter for the traveling, hunting, patrolling and trapping.

In 1992, Chris McCandless went on an ‘Alaskan Odyssey’ and 4 months into the journey he died of starvation. He stayed in the bus during a lot of his time at the Sushana River. In McCandless journal he referred to the bus as ‘Magic Bus’ and it has since kept the nickname.

You can read a book written about Chris McCandless called ‘Into the Wild‘ by Jon Krakuer or watch the film adaption of ‘Into the Wild‘.

Vague Direction filmed a documentary of the bus in 2013. Dave Gill visited #142 and stated that the bus was falling into worsening decay due to vandalism and people shooting it.

Where is the abandoned Bus 142 of Into the Wild located? You can find it with these coordinates. 63.868396,-149.769311

Image 1 and 2 used and licensed under VV BY SA 3.0. Image 1 and 2 by Laurent DUPONT / camptocamp.org.

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