Glenwood Furnace – The Abandoned Pig Iron Maker in Jefferson National Forest

The historic Glenwood Furnace can be found on Arnold’s Valley Road, George Washington National Forest, Natural Bridge Station, Rockbridge County, Virginia.

abandoned former pig iron furnace

The Glenwood Furnace now stands vacant and barred off with padlocks. It was originally built in 1853 by Francis T. Anderson. From 1853 to 1865 the furnace was used to heat iron ore, charcoal, and limestone, until it melted the iron and it ran into mounds of moist sand. The pig iron bars were then transported by barge, up the James River to Richmond. From that point the iron was refined and made into canons for the Confederacy.

The furnace is over 22 feet tall and 25 feet wide. It is made from large heavy stones and some brick on the interior.

All images by Abandoned Playgrounds.

Where is Glenwood Furnace located? Be sure to check it out with these coordinates. 37.59638,-79.504965.

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