Danvers State Hospital – Abandoned, Used in Session 9, Then Made Into Apartments

The Danvers State Hospital (also known as The Danvers Lunatic Asylum, The Danvers State Insane Asylum, and the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers) is located in Danvers, Massachusetts.

After having just watched Session 9 yesterday, for the first time, I knew immediately I wanted to do a piece on the building used in the film. I could tell it must have been an old hospital, upon discovery I find that even though it was used in that film in 2001 it had already been torn down in 2005. The State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers was a Kirkbride Hospital having been completed in 1878. It was a multi-acre, self-contained psychiatric hospital and is rumored to be the birthplace of the pre-frontal lobotomy. The Danvers Lunatic Asylum was very expansive and over the years all the wings and buildings began to close until finally in 1992 the entire campus was shut down. All that remains now of the Danvers Asylum are the brick shells of the administrative building and the D and G wings (the row of building branched off to the left and right directly behind the administrative building), the cemeteries, and some of the underground tunnels.

Today it has been made into the Avalon Danvers Apartments in Hawthrone Hill neighborhood of Danvers, Massachusetts. They have mixed reviews from poor to fair, still they seem pretty cool even though I think it is awful that they tore down this once beautiful and expansive historic place.

You can find an interview with a former employee of The Danvers State Hospital Here. You can find another article about the now apartments Here.

Where is the abandoned Danvers Asylum located? You can find it today with these coordinates. 42.580989,-70.974601.

All images used and licensed under CC BY NC SA 2.0. All images by Michelle Souliere / Flickr / darkbrilliance.

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