Abandoned Presbyterian Church of Woodward Avenue

Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church (also referred to as St. Curvy’s Church or Abyssinia Church of God in Christ) can be found on 8501 Woodward Avenue, in Detroit, Michigan.

wwodward abandoned church

Woodward Presbyterian was built in 1911 by architect Sidney Badgley. Styled in Gothic Revival as an English Gothic-Style Church. It is trimmed in limestone with a surface of rough rock, it has a large carved-stone entrance facade. The stained glass is ornamental tracery and there are 2 square towers flank the center entrance. On the sides, there are more ornamental stained glass windows that are full height. A 2-story educational wing makes up the back side of the church.

In 1908 the Presbyterians in the Detroit area realized that a church was needed to serve the congregants located near the Woodward area. Tracy McGregor donated a plot of land along Woodward avenue and the foundation of the future church was set to be built in 1910.

In 1982, the building was listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Though it began to fall into disrepair by the 1980’s it was not fully abandoned until 2005. By 2009 it had been bought by the Cathedral of Praise Baptist Church with hopes of returning it to it’s former glory. Expenses and restoration are mighty costly and this dream of renovation has been slow if not all together put on hold. As of 2013, it seems as if the church is still lying beautifully alone.

organ of abandoned church

abandoned michigan church

Where is the abandoned Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church (St. Curvy’s Church) located? You can find the Woodward Church with these coordinates. 42.37811,-83.079103.

abandoned woodward church of Michigan

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