Shipwreck of Smugglers Cove – The MV Panagiotis Abandoned in Zakynthos

The Shipwreck of MV Panagiotis is located in Navagio Bay on Shipwreck Beach lying in an exposed cove, also referred to as Smugglers Cove, on the coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of Greece.

This ship was built in Scotland in 1937 and originally named Saint Bedan. The Panagiotis was a coastal trading vessel constructed at Bowling on the River Clyde at Yard 341 by Scott & Sons. It was equipped with a 500 bhp diesel engine made by British Auxiliaries Limited. Before it was run ashore and forgotten it was 163 feet in length and 26 feet in width and a gross register tonnage of 452. In it’s 43 years of being a running sea vessel the ship had several owners and names. In 1964 the ship was sold and renamed Meropi, in 1966 the vessel was sold again and renamed Charis, and in 1975 the coaster was sold for the final time and named the Panagiotis.

The story goes that in its later years the Panagiotis was used as a smuggling ship, taking contraband from one place to another. In 1980 it is said that it was taking a shipment of cigarettes from Turkey and was being pursued by the Greek Navy, who knew it was smuggling items. Encountering stormy weather and fleeing the Greek Navy the Panagiotis was ran aground in the shallow cove of Zakynthos, here the crew abandoned the ship and left so as to escape the Greek Navy. Still the shipwreck remains there today and is called Navagio which is Greek for shipwreck.

There is controversy over the truth behind the wreck as some Zakynthos locals believe the ship to have been placed there with a phony story by the Greek Ministry of Tourism. Hopefully this is untrue, as it is much more interesting as a runaway smugglers ship.

Where is the Shipwreck of Smugglers Cove located? This want to be pirate ship can be found with these coordinates. 37.859587,20.624889.

Image 1 used under Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Image 1 by Hehec / Wikimedia Commons.
Image 2 used under Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Image 2 by Badgernet / Wikimedia Commons.

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