abandoned cars in belgium

Abandoned Cars at the Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

These lovely cars are located in the Walloon Region of the Province of Luxembourg in Saint-L├ęger, Chatillon, Belgium.

It is said that these cars were abandoned by US troops after World War II but this is not the case. This was a car junkyard located in Chatillon and most of the cars are older than 1947. It was a scrapyard most likely or so it is said by Chatillon natives. It seems that on Google Maps it is still there but on Bing Maps it is not and there is no direct answer to if any still remain. Hopefully it still remains but if it does not there will always be these classic photographs of what once was abandoned for at least 50 years.

Images courtesy of Arco Bot and check out his Facebook group.

Update : All the cars have been removed.

old busted car abandoned

Where were the abandoned cars of the Chatillon Graveyard located? You could find it with these coordinates. 49.623759,5.69169.

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