The Little Abandoned House on Tiengemeten Island of Holland

Decay of overgrown nature home Netherlands

This home can be found on the island of Tiengemeten, on the Dutch province of South Holland, in the municipality of Korendijk, the Netherlands.

abandoned home in pond of Netherlands

The little house was abandoned among the water rushes after the island of Tiengemeten was given back to nature in May of 2007. The home was abandoned so the center of the island could truly become a place for nature. I find it really interesting that this home was forsaken so nature could have her, if anyone has any interior photos please let me know!

The name of the island comes from ancient measurement of one gemet, which is comparable to one acre. The island itself has a population of around 10.

The island of Tiengemeten has now become a real nature reserve, with a trackless terrain, creeks, gullies, meadows, lots of migratory birds, marshy pastures, Highland cattle, and other animals. The island has bicycle paths and tracks, but is free of cars and is only accessible by water via a ferry at the port of Nieuwendijk. Margerita Farm is generally where people start when arriving on the island and has an information center, restrooms, cafe, gallery space, and has volunteers to answer questions. Walking tours are available and places to camp as well.

You can find this quaint little house with these coordinates. 51.73529,4.333531.

Netherlands abandoned home

Image 1 used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Generic. Image 1 by Martijn ten Napel [Flickr / jmtennapel].
Image used under Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Generic. Image 2 by Bert Kaufmann [Flickr / 22746515@N02].

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