Abandoned in England Underwater Room

The Deserted Billard Ballroom Under Thursley Lake in the United Kingdom

The abandoned underwater ballroom of Whitaker Wight is located in Witley Park, near Haslemere Rd, in Witley, Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom.

abandoned underwater room

This magnificent structure lies 40 feet beneath Thursley Lake. Whitaker Wight was an entrepreneur and became wealthy through many scams. He was involved in a very large fraud scheme that ultimately led to his demise. The money he made and gathered through his cons and private investors led him to purchase Witley Park. There he built the crown jewel, the folly of his life, his most cherished room, the underwater ballroom. It is said he actually put his billiard table in there to play pool in the peace and quite of the glamorous yellow light that flowed in through the water. The structure was built of glass, iron and concrete around 1890. Truly a wondrous personal creation that he topped off with a statue of Neptune sticking out of the lake at the very top of the underwater billiard room. When he was put on trail for all his frauds, scams, and money theft and charged as guilty and sentenced to jail that he actually committed suicide by eating a cyanide capsule.

It is privately owned now and is said to now be locked and kept shut. Breaking and entering is a serious offense.

Where is the abandoned underwater ballroom of Witley Park located? This amazing spectacle can be found with these coordinates. 51.149299,-0.68561.

Images used under Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic. All images by Large Pig / Flickr.

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