The Abandoned Shime Coal Mine Tower Intake Shaft of Tighten-Town in Japan

The Shime Coal Mine Tower can be found at Fukuoka-ken, Kasuya-gun, Shime-machi, Shime, Japan.

Tower construction began in 1941 and ended in 1945. The price to build the tower was over 2 million yen (20,408 USD). The winding tower of Tighten-Town stands at 156 feet tall at its highest point. The intake shaft that is dug perpendicular to the coal layers in the ground expands 1,411 feet. It is built of unpainted reinforced concrete.

It is registered in the National Important Cultural Property and the Tangible Cultural Property.

Awhile ago this tower hit the Minecraft fans and many renditions were made. It also has many fans who believe it would be the best anti-zombie fortress in the world. After playing Left 4 Dead, zombies would easily scale up this tower and eat.

This towering structure can be found with these coordinates. 33.590336,130.486209.

All images used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial No Derivs 2.0 Generic. All images by Hideya HAMANO / Flickr.

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