Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex – Abandoned Missile Site Radar in Nekoma

The Safeguard Programs Missile Site Radar (MSR or SRMSC) is located just North North East of the small town Nekoma, right off of 81st Street North East, Nekoma, North Dakota.

Missile Site Radar was the control of the Safeguard Program established in the 1960’s. Inside its buildings were housed the computers and a phased array radar used to track and ping back at incoming ICBM warheads. The radar building itself is the forlorn Pyramid building that can even be seen from the adjacent road. It is several stories tall. The Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex was the only operational anti-ballistic missile system ever deployed by the United States, until the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system. It had reinforced underground missile launchers for at least 46 nuclear tipped Spartan and Sprint missiles. It was used primarily to defend Minuteman ICBM missile silos at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. This forgotten military compound was shut down in 1976 just four months after initial operation.

The Mickelsen Safeguard Complex is listed in the Historic American Engineering Record.

The MSR building and 430 acre site went up for sale in 2012 by the US Government. It started at a low bid of only $10,000. As of 2013 it has finally been bought and is now owned by the Spring Creek Hutterite Colony for a price of $530,000. Though changing any of the buildings themselves cannot be done with permission, the land can still be used. Removal of the 400,000 plus gallons of waste water that has accumulated in the empty missile silos must be removed according to the Cavalier County Job Development Authority. The water contains lead and chromium and is considered a danger.

Since the Hutterites are a faith community, I foresee a possible temple or church in the works. As it would make quit the fantastic gathering place and pyramids are a symbol of connection to the Heavens. Really it is amazing and since the building itself is made of reinforced concrete a couple feet thick, unless demolished, this place will live to see generations. So far no works have been done except a bit of farming on the 430 acre former military site.

Where is the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex located?This archaic-esque structure can be found with these coordinates. 48°35’21.91?N 98°21’24.26?W.

Images 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 by Ghosts of North Dakota and used with permissions granted in 2014.

Image 1 is under public domain.

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