Château de la Forêt – The Castle Moulbaix – Abandoned in Belgium

The Château of the Forest is truly the Castle Moulbaix / Château de Chasteleer and is in Moulbaix, along the Place Henri Stourme, the Arrondissement of Ath, Belgium.

The castle Moulbaix was designed in a Neo – Tudor style and built in 1860 by the order of the Marquis Du Chasteler Oswald. He was a descendant of the ancient Hainault family. The family Chasteler Du (the house Chasteleer or Van Chasteleer) were settled in Moulbaix since the middle ages. The Castle of the Forest replaced the house and feudal fortress that were originally built on the property in 1502. Some of the remains of the former castle can still be found on the property according to visits there. The current Chateau de la Foret was built by architect Desire Athois Limburg and is rectangular and flanked by four corner towers and is fortified with four octagonal turrets on top of the towers. The abandoned castle has 344 windows and is surrounded by 62 acres of land.

It now belongs to the children of the Count d’Ursel Aymard. The descendants cannot decided on a single owner and the castle has begun to fall into decay.

Where is the abandoned Chateau de la Foret located? You can find this spectacular piece of work with these coordinates. 50.605964, 3.713819.

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