Waldo Hotel of Clarksburg – Derelict and Abandoned – Raze or Preserve?

The decaying Waldo Hotel is located on 18 4th St, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.

Construction for the Waldo Hotel began in 1901. Nathan Goff, Jr. had American architect Harrison Albright design the large Waldo Hotel. It was completed in 1904 and had a few advancements in structure including reinforced concrete and being fireproof. The Waldo quickly became the social center of Clarksburg. The interior lobby was grand and decorated with ornate colors of gold and blue. After its decline in use as a hotel it later was allowed as a place of low-income housing. In 2000, after the takeover from the Vandalia Corporation of the Waldo Hotel, it has been slightly cleaned and re-stabilized.

The future of the Waldo Hotel is uncertain there are those who want the hotel razed and those who want it preserved. If you live near the area you can go to the Waldo Hotel Preservation Society Meetings that are held every two weeks at the Harrison County Senior Citizens Center. You can learn more Here. The group Demo the Waldo is looking to have it razed after some of the bricks fell off the top of tower and onto Pike Street and the sidewalk causing possibly safety issues for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Where is the abandoned Historic Waldo Hotel located? You can find this old hotel with these coordinates. 39.280927,-80.339902.

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