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Dr. Anna L House Abandoned in Germany – Urology Clinic and Home

Dr. Anna L House (also known as Urology Clinic, House of Dr. Klaus Kraft, Der Doktor’s Haus, Dr. Anna’s Haus, Villa Anna L, Urologen Villa and many others) can be found at the top of Dr.-Born-Stra├če in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, Hesse, Bad Wildungen, Germany.

Here is the history and information. This particular home was not abandoned it just was left sometime through the 1970’s to 2006. Photographs show that the home was beyond lovely and that it was also a Urology Clinic on the bottom floor. Around the house shows a delightful home that was loved and decorated with extreme taste having interesting art, a piano, stuffed fox, and red walls.

When Hildegard Hux met Das Doktor Kraft he was looking for a housekeeper and receptionist. They fell in love quickly and got married only 3 months later. 5 years later they had a son. In 2006 Hildegard Hux became ill and had to move out of her apartment and move into a retirement home. She loves flowers and paintings, all the groovy art on the walls (which have now been stolen or maybe retrieved by the owners or her son at some point) were hers. It is also stated that other doctors rented the clinic downstairs as well. There is no record that Hildegard became a urologist or even an assistant. This might be why some call it Doctor Anna’s House and others have also referred to the woman as Doctor C, because it states HERE that she only had to maintain her and her husband’s bedroom and rented the clinic to other doctors. If you know exactly what went on please leave a comment.

As of 2013 it is said via comments on other sites that it has been torn down, or remained the same, or has been renovated. Though exact dates of how long it has been left in silence. Other comments suggest it has been without living inhabitants for 30 years or more. Most of the medicine and other stuff can be dated past the 1970’s, it was probably still a clinic into the 1990’s. This particular home is sad, all the stuff moved around for urbex pictures, nothing is really as it was, laying out clothes, moving shoes, picking up that fox, all to look artsy or creepy. Maybe this home will soon get the attention it needs to be fixed and repaired.

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Where is the abandoned Doctor Anna L House located? This poor home and clinic can be found with these coordinates. 51.114236,9.109798.

aerial view of dr anna l house abandoned

Images 1 and 2 by Bestarns.
Images 1 and 2 used under CC By NC ND 3.0.

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