Decaying Grand Harbour Fish Fluke Point Lighthouse of Canada

abandoned canada lighthouse

The abandoned Grand Harbour Lighthouse is located at Fish Fluke Point, Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada.

The first permanent settlement of the Grand Manan Archipelago occurred on Ross Island, which connects to the larger Grand Manan Island at low tide. By 1878 mariners on Grand Manan petitioned to have a lighthouse erected to mark the entrance into Grand Harbour. In 1878, a contract for $1,050 was given to Messengers H. H. Bowie & Company, who hired Charles and George Short to build the lighthouse. Construction began and continued into 1879, by October 10th the Fish Fluke Point Lighthouse was exhibited.

The now dilapidated Ross Island Lighthouse consisted of a square wooden tower, 32 feet high, with an attached keeper’s home. A fixed catoptric light was shown at a focal plane of 40 feet, and could be seen on a clear day at a distance of 11 miles. In 1963, the Grand Harbour Lighthouse was discontinued when another light was set up at Ingalls Head Breakwater. Furthermore, in 1976, due to the Saros cycle, the Groundhog Day Gale struck the coast and caused significant damage to the lighthouse.

During its span of 84 years it had 8 keepers. These are their names and dates respectively : Henry McLaughlin 1879 – 1883, Mark Daggett 1883 – 1900, Sidney Nason Guptill 1900 – 1904, Lloyd Charles Dakin 1904 – 1912, Frederick Joseph Martin 1912 – 1914, Harry E. McDowell 1914 – 1948, Howard Ingalls 1948 – 1954, Percy Harvey 1954 – 1963.

As of 2013, the lighthouse remains with an uncertain future. It is privately owned and the grounds can be visited, but entry is forbidden.

Update : In November 2013, a storm caused the collapse of this infamous lighthouse.

Where is the abandoned and dilapidated Fish Fluke Point Lighthouse located? You can find this crumbling ruin with these coordinates. 44.66723,-66.749832.

Image 1 used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial No Derivs 2.0 Generic. Image 1 by Seth Frantzman [Flickr / 55073053@N00].

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