The Ruins of the Abandoned Sobanski Palace

Sobanski Palace (or Palac w Guzowie) can be found off the Droga Krajowa 50, in the village of Guzów, the Mazovian Voivodeship, Poland.

sobanski palace ruins

The palace of in Guzów was originally built as a manor by Andrzej Oginski in 1765. In 1865 the manor was auctioned off and in the 1880’s architect Wladyslaw Hirszel rebuilt the manor into a grand palace by order of the new owner, Feliks Sobanski. Designed in Renaissance Revival style and modeled after the French Loire Valley castles the palace was complete with gardens and a chapel. The palace itself had marble fireplaces and bathrooms and spacious guest rooms even in the attic.

This lasted until 1915 when the palace was then used as a hospital front during World War I. The palace was virtually destroyed from its original grandeur. After the war the home was then restored by Count Feliks Sobanski and his wife and 9 children. Unfortunately this only lasted until 1939, with World War II now happening the Count and his family were forced to leave but later allowed to come back. Once they returned a German officer and others still remained in the house to use for the war but in 1944 the countess was killed when she was being transferred to another shelter. The home was then evacuated by the German soldiers and looted for its valuables.

After World War II, it was then used as offices and private flats for a local sugar factories employees.

Finally in 1992, after many years the Sobanski family regained possession of their former home. Lack of funds for restoration prevent this magnificent place to be restored or renovated. Much of the interior has fallen into decay and will require much attention. The Chapel has been restored.

Where is dilapidated Sobanski Palace of Guzów located? You can find it with these coordinates. 52.115529,20.334459.

aerial of poland's sobanski palace

All images used under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Images by Jolanta Dyr / Wikimedia Commons.

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