abandoned carnival of south america

The Bright and Abandoned Carnival Parade Ruins of Benfica

The carnival parade ruins (or what is left of them now) are on Rua Prefeito Olímpio de Melo, in the neighborhood of Benfica, the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

carnival ruins of Brasil

Next to the busy Avenida Brasil and a large favela lie some bright carnival parade ruins. Having been out of use for over 3 years, the remains of these awesome works has had a toll taken on them from scavengers and metal scrappers alike. The depiction of smiling faces, women, animals and mosaics of color bask in a lone gravel filled lot. Located on the grounds of a formerly abandoned and now demolished factory, only a few of the exteriors of these fantastically designed displays are left. The fate of these carnival or parade boats is sealed, they have been dismantled, salvaged and broken. What remains you can easily see from Google Street view photo at the bottom!

abandoned statues in south america

Google Street View was used for the last 2 pictures including the normal satellite image, since it still showed the former factory the was demolished over 4 years ago.

Where are the ruined remains of the carnival and parade equipment in Brasil located? You can find them with these coordinates. -22.887853,-43.230603

All images used and licensed under CC BY NC SA. All images by Clement Jacquard / Flickr.com.

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