Duckett’s Grove House Ruins in Carlow

abandoned Ducketts grove house ruins in Ireland

Duckett’s Grove House is on an unnamed road just off the R418 in County Carlow, the province of Leinster, Ireland.

William Duckett built the large manor of Duckett’s Grove in 1830. Sometime before 1921, the Duckett family decided to leave the great house and it was maintained until that year. Afterwards, local farmers and the Land Commission looked after property. The estate was divided and sold in 1930 and the house caught on fire and was ruined in 1933.

Thomas Cobden is the is the designer to the turret and battlement filled building. The home was styled to look like a Gothic Revival castle.

The estate initially covered 12,000 acres of land, with the house taking up 5,000 of those acres. There were even gardens on the property and at the Lower Walled Garden there are fruit trees. These trees still produce fruit to this day, including a variety of apples and figs. The Upper Walled Garden still has budding flowers that were originally planted there, too. It has Echium, Watsonia, Acanthus and more.

It was opened for use as a public park in 2007. It was seen on a 4 hour live investigation on the ScFy show Destination Truth (Watch / Stream) to see if there was evidence of a Banshee Ghost.

Where are the ruins of Duckett’s Grove located? You can find it with these coordinates. 52.857459,-6.813273

View it on Google Maps and use the street view for an actual driven tour around and through the place! How did Google manage that?!


Images 1, 2, 3 and 4 are by Keith Ewing and are licensed under CC By NC 2.0.

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