stairs of abandoned fish factory

An Abandoned Fish Factory By the Sea in Haapsalu

The Haapsalu fish factory is on Uus-Sadama 25, in the town of Haapsalu, Läänemaa County, Estonia.

abandoned tower at fish factory

The abandoned fish factory is on the outskirts of the lovely seaside town of Haapsalu close to the Baltic Sea. It is called ‘OÜ Hako’ by locals and is visited and used as a hangout spot. The local youth go their to play and drink, shoot paintballs or make graffiti. Venturing across the different buildings of the fish factory, who produced something fishy during the Cold War era.

When the factory closed, a man bought the factory but the municipality of Haapsalu wanted to buy it from him. Haapsalu made offers to the owner for the factory and land but his price was set to high. The seaside town of Haapsalu set up a barrier at the entrance to the property and draws its city end up to the gate. There are a few outbuildings on the property as well as an empty watch tower.

All thanks to Rosanna for the images and information.

headed to abandoned lost place in Estonia

Where is the abandoned factory on the outskirts of Haapsalu located? You can find it with these coordinates. 58.95625,23.516729

aerial view of abandoned fish factory in estonia

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