abandoned Istvántelek Trainyard

Abandoned Trains in the Istvántelek Train Graveyard

The trains at the abandoned Istvántelek Trainyard (also refereed to as the Red Star Train Graveyard) is off Elem Utca 57 in Budapest, Hungary.

Hungary abandoned train yard  abandoned Istvántelek

Part of the live tramway of Istvántelek, these trains can be found just off the side of the active railway. The trains are all abandoned and out of use and are possibly the property of the Transport Museum. There is one train in particular that was used during communistic times and has a Red Star painted on the front (hence the name ‘Red Star Train Graveyard’). The roofs are collapsing on several of the train halls housing these old machines. Many having been held at this location for over 40 years. Several of these locomotives are very rusted and some even have the benches, seats, tables and matresses still housed inside of them.

There are at least 2 railcarts in this area that were allegedly used to carry either cargo or Jewish prisoners to Auschwitz during occupied Nazi Germany.

These locomotives are really becoming one with nature, it can only be hoped that some of the more historic ones will eventually be taken into a museum.

All images are used with permission by Jakob Christensen.

train yard  abandoned Istvántelek abandoned in Hungary

decay of Hunary abandoned trains

forgotten and abandoned trains in Hungary

 abandoned Istvántelek

Where is the abandoned Istvantelek Train Graveyard located? You can find it with these coordinates. 47.547907,19.1028

 abandoned Istvántelek Trainyard aerial view

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