Abandoned building of Miechowice mine in Poland

Abandoned Coal Mine Miechowice

The abandoned KWK Miechowice Coal Mine, just off Szyb Zachodni, the area of Miechowice, town of Bytom, region of Silesia, Poland.

decaying mine in Bytom

This is known as Szyb Zachodni or Western Shaft of the Miechowice coal mine. Miechowice coal mine began in 1899 and was not fully operational until it opened in 1902. It was owned by Francis Hubert von Tiele-Winckler and was known as the mine Preussen.

It continued to be functional even after the death of 6 coal miners in 1993. It merged with the mine Bobrek in 1997. In 1999, it went through some more changes and the Mining Plant Bytom II was created.

After 2005, the mine was closed with most of it being destroyed or demolished. Today, what remains lies abandoned.

For some excellent interior shots ; check out Szyb kopalni Miechowice.

abandoned coal mine Miechowice

Where is the abandoned Bytom coal mine Miechowice located? You can find it with these coordinates. 50.352454,18.817016

aerial view of Miechowice mine

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