Conaithe Caisleán – Castle Conna Ruins of Munster

Conaithe Caisleán is just off of R628 in County Cork, the province of Munster, Ireland.

Conna Castle was built in 1564 by the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Desmond. Later the castle and estate were taken by the English and given to the English settler, Walter Raleigh. James FitzThomas, The Sugán Earl, was the true heir to Conaithe Caisleán and he participated in a rebellion in which to capture the castle in 1599. The attack failed and he was captured and imprisoned in the London Tower. Conna Castle was then taken by the Earl of Essex, partially dismantled and then granted to Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork. The tower was repaired by the Earl but in 1653, a fire started in the castle killing the 3 daughters of the steward.

After the incident in 1653, the castle continued to transgress time through many owners eventually being bought in 1851 by Hilary L’Estrange in 1851. It was given to his son, Rev A. G. K. L’Estrange who willed the property to the state at his death in 1915.

This image is a drawing from February of 1835 by E. Heyden and engraved by R. Clayton.

Where are the ruins of Castle Conna located? You can find it with these coordinates. 52.094543,-8.101671.

Image 1 used under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 Unported. Image 1 by Lorna Macdonald / Wikimedia Commons.

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