Abandoned Bangour Village Hospital

The Bangour Village Hospital (originally Edinburgh District Asylum) is off the A89, on an unnamed road, the town of Broxburn, council area of West Lothian, Scotland.

Bangour Village Hospital was built in 1904 with its full opening occurring in 1906. It was one of the first village plan hospitals in Scotland. It was modeled after the 1870 Alt-Scherbitz asylum that is in Schkeuditz, Germany. It was built with many buildings, or villages, housing up to 30 patients in each building. It has a shop, bakery, library, church, farm, school, work shops and more other buildings.

In 1918, the hospital population soared to over 3,000 and temporary set ups were made to accommodate the growing number of patients. It was used as the Edinburg War Hospital and as the Scottish Emergency Medical Hospital during World War I and II, respectively.

The psychiatric hospital closed fully in 2004. There were immediate plans upon complete vacancy to turn the buildings into a residential development area and apartments. The site was never developed due to a down turn in the economy. The site has also been used for counter-terrorist exercise runs by the Scottish Government.

The movie, The Jacket (Stream / Buy) used the Bangour Village Hospital as a film setting.

Several structures on the property are now listed historical buildings.

Where is the abandoned Bangour Village Hospital located? You can find it with these coordinates. 55.923943,-3.550354

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