castleboro house ruins abandoned in Ireland

The Grandiose Ruins of Castleboro House

Castleboro House is on an Unnamed Road off of the R730, the County Wexford, province of Leinster, Ireland.

Castleboro House was built in 1770 by Robert Carew, in the town of Ballyboro. The grand estate was laid out with four stepped terraces of yard leading to a lake. In 1840, a fire took place and destroyed the home, save for the west wing. Daniel Robertson, an architect, then rebuilt the stately home incorporating the original west wing into his design. It is said that whilst overlooking the building process of Castleboro that Daniel Robertson suffered from severe gout and was pushed in a wheelbarrow with his plans in one hand and wine in the other. The center of the home is around 90 feet in length and gives off the appearance of a Venetian Palace.

In the 1920’s the Carew family sold most of there belongings and left to live in England. IRA sympathizers feared state troops may use the empty home as lodgings and burned the mansion in 1923.

Today the ruins lie on open farmland.

Images courtesy and copyright to Tony Mulraney.

Where is the Castleboro House located? You can find it with these coordinates. 52.480441,-6.725889

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