The Abandoned Soccer Stadium of Luzankami in Brno

abandoned soccer stadium

Stadion Za Lužánkami (Luzankami Stadium) is an abandoned football stadium on Sportovní, in the city of Brno, Czech Republic.

abandoned stadium of Europe

The Luzankami Stadium was constructed during 1943 – 1953. Through out the 1960’s and early 1970’s Luzankami was the largest stadium in Czechoslovakia. The natural grass turf stadium could hold 50,000 spectators. Luzankami Stadium did not meet FIFA requirements and in 2001 it closed. FC Zbrojovka Brno moved to a new location and the stadium has been abandoned ever since.

Plans were set in place in 2012 to renovate and enlarge the stadium but for financial reasons this has not yet come to pass.

Where is the abandoned Luxankami Stadium located? You can Pick up the street map or find it with these coordinates. 49.212821,16.611615

aerial view of abandoned overgrown soccer stadium>

All images used and licensed under CC BY NC 2.0. Images by Jaroslav A. Polak / Flickr / kojotisko.

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